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Just my opinion

One of the most talked about issue in the country is the burial of the former President of the country Ferdinand Marcos.  He is dead more than a decade but not buried yet because the debate if he will be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (cemetery in the country wherein dead President, heroes, soldiers, etc.) is not yet finish.  The reason many opposes if he will be buried in the said cemetery is because people do not consider him a hero or see him as the former president of the country because of the declaration of martial law during his term.  He was blamed for the missing journalists and activist during his term.  Even though, his supporters still believes and fight for his right to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

But this issue will end soon because the present leader of the country decided to bury him in the said cemetery.  This was one of his plans (Pres. Rodrigo Duterte) when he was still running for the position of the President.  Debates and rally here and there opposing the decision of the President, but the President is firmed to his decision.  This is to end the gap of the people involved in the issue.  The President, said that he has the right to be buried in that cemetery because once he was the soldier of the country.  And I guess the president is right.  Let us not fight over this long overdue issue.  In my opinion, the President did the right thing.  Past is past, let us forget what happened in the past for us to move on for a better country.

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Strings for his beloved guitar

The brother has bought strings for his guitar many times already because the quality of the strings that he bought is not good.  He misses playing his guitar but cannot play it anymore because two strings are cut/broken.  He does not want to buy the same strings anymore so keeps on looking for a good quality of strings until he saw this DR Strings online.  He reads the reviews and good feedback of the product.  I guess the brother has found the one he is looking for.  I guess I will be able to hear him play his beloved guitar very soon.

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Silver Medal for the Philippines

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The Rio Olympic Games 2016 started few days ago.  I have been waiting for this to comes because I will be able to see my idols and my favorite sports.  Also, excited for the performance of the countries representatives.  I am hoping and praying that the country will bagged a medal for it has been 20 years since the last time the country’s flag is seen in the medal tally.  Well, everybody is wishing and praying for the good performance of the country’s bet.  Since the country is known in boxing, everyone is expecting for a good outcome in the sports of boxing.

Last Monday morning, Hidilyn Diaz, a weightlifter made a history for winning the silver medal in her category.  She ended the 20 years drought of the country.  She showed to the world what she is capable of and showed to the world the heart of a Filipina.  At last the country’s flag is to be seen in the medal tally courtesy of HIdilyn Diaz.  To be honest I got teary eyes because I can’t believe that she finally made it.  I’ve seen her in the last Olympic games four years ago and seen her failed.  But her fighting spirit and her dream to bring a medal for the country did not stop her from doing it.  Now, she finally made the country so proud.  Thank you for the job well done Hidilyn Diaz.

The Olympic Games is not over yet, we hope for another medal for the country.  Go go go team Philippines.

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Fun At The Pet Inn

Instead of leaving your pets at home alone when you go on vacation or go out of town on a business trip, you might want to check this out. There are pet inns that offer comfortable amenities and fun activities while the animals are there. These facilities are similar to a kennel as there are separate areas for the pets to stay. However, each area usually features a bed for the pet to sleep in and time to enjoy playing outside. Some facilities play music to help pets relax while they are trying to go to sleep. There are even some that show television programs from Animal Planet so that the pet has a way to stay entertained.

There is usually some kind of schedule at pet inns and hotels. The day often starts with breakfast and time outside with the other animals. The staff will make sure your pet is safe while playing. If there are any issues, then you will be alerted to decide what to do about the incident. Most facilities have a way to check in on your pet through a video system so that you can make sure your friend is cared for in the best way.

After a nutritious breakfast, your pet can receive spa services that include clipping the nails, a shampoo or brushing the hair. Workers can teach a few simple tricks and commands to your pet, or your pet can relax in his own little area until it’s time to go outside again. The inn often serves the healthiest food possible, but if there is a certain food that your pet enjoys, then you can usually drop it off when taking your pet to the inn. There are toys to play with, and the pets usually get a treat in the afternoon or before bed. In the afternoon, the animals are usually taken outside once again. Most of the time, the animals are kept divided based on their size, making it safe for the small animals to play with each other while the larger animals can play a little rougher. A time is set aside for the animals to get ready for bed so that they are rested for the next day.

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