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Miss Universe 2016 in Manila, Philippines

Watching beauty pageants is one of my favorites.  My sister and I make our own judging and we have a bet if our favorite candidate/s wins.  Well, maybe because it is one of our frustrations in life.  Though it is far from reality, we dreamed before to wear a crown.LOL!  Kidding aside, we really love watching beauty pageant and we look forward on the question and answer part.  We really love watching international beauty pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Asia-Pacific.  We take down notes the dates of the competitions local and international.  Of course on the international competition we bet for our country’s representative.

Speaking of beauty pageant, I am so excited for the Miss Universe 2016 that will be held in Manila, Philippines this January 2017.  Some candidates in different countries arrives in the country.  The girls are so pretty.  I am pretty sure this will be an event to watch out for.  Of course, I am betting for our very own Miss Philippines Universe Maxine Medina.  I do believe that she is one of the girls to watch out for because she has the edge, plus she would be the crown favorite and she has the hometown advantage.  I hope and pray that the country’s bet will bagged the crown and bring get the back to back title.  Good Luck ladies.  For me you are all winner by representing your respective countries.

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Desirable acoustic guitar

It is my dream to know how to play the guitar.  I just love the sounds comes from it, also I like it because guitar is easy to play and anyone can play.  Well, we can play all the instruments that we like it’s just that to me guitar is the friendliest instrument to play.  If I were to buy a guitar I would surely pick the taylor 214ce. I love the style, it is so classic and elegant.  A desirable acoustic guitar for me.  I wish one day I could buy one and start my lesson on how to play the guitar.

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Getting Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is not for free

Two months ago, my aunt and uncle told us that the lot of my grandparents in the province will be sold.  They brought the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) paper that needs our signature because my mother is dead.  As her heir we are signing the documents on her behalf.  They traveled to the province with my older and younger brother.  However, on the day of the expected first payment the buyer did not show up.  It was a bad dreams for all of us because their travel is wasted plus the money they spend is through lending.  The SPA too is not valid because of lack of information.

Now the cousin and some relatives are contacting my father asking for an SPA because another buyer is interested to buy the land.  We are excited because we really need the money, but at the same time we are doubtful because of what happened months ago.  They said that they needed our SPA as soon as possible and the older needs to bring it there as soon as possible.  However the schedule of the payment is not fix yet.  We did not get SPA yet, we told the cousin that our SPA will be ready when things are clear especially the buyer.  Because getting SPA is not for free.

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Let him rest in peace

After 27 years of waiting, finally the former Philippine President and dictatorship Ferdinand Marcos buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (a cemetery where Filipino heroes, army, policemen, Presidents/politician are buried).  His family is patiently waiting for almost three decade waiting for this day to come.  Some are against of him buried in the Libingan nga mga Bayani because of what he did in the past.  The people never forgets the martial law he declared years back.  Many are who go against him are missing, and their families are seeking for justice up to now.  They are protesting of President Duterte’s decision to bury him in the Libingan ng mga bayani because to them he is not a hero.

Yesterday was the burial of the former President Ferdinand Marcos.  Protesters are angry and making noise.  They are blaming the supreme court for allowing it to happen and angry of President Duterte’s decision.  For me, even though he did wrong things in the past he still have the right to be buried in the LNMB, because he is a former President of the country and a member of the arm forces of the Philippines before he became the President.  Let us not dwell on the things in the past that hinders us to move on.  We have to forget and forgive.  Let him rest in peace as well as those victims in the martial law.  Instead of protesting, we have to continue moving on for better future, and let us punish him for wrong doings he did when he is still alive.  Stop the hate, make peace and let us support President Duterte for better Philippines.

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