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Congratulations Cleveland Cavaliers

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After Michael Jordan of Chicago Bulls, the next NBA player that I like is LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers.  The first time I saw him played for Cavaliers I got hooked up.  I like the way he plays plus he is wearing the same jersey number of Michael Jordan.  I am always wishing that he will win the Championship title for his team.  Unfortunately the championship crown back then is so elusive.  Until he decided to transfer to another team, the Miami Heat.  At the Miami Heat team LeBron James really soars high.  He won championship titles but still I do not feel like 100% happy because I really wanted him to win Championship title for his hometown Cleveland.

Last year was the first attempt to win the championship title, but the Golden State Warriors bowed them down.  I was so sad but still hoping that they will get another chance to fight in the Finals and hopefully they will bring home the crown.  This 2016 NBA Season, the Cleveland Cavaliers is in the Finals again and this time they won the title.  I am the happiest fan on earth on the day they took revenge.  They defeated the Golden State Warriors on Game 7, 93-89.  The GSW bowed down in their home court just like what happened when the GSW bowed them down at Cleveland Cavaliers home court last year.  First team to comes back from 3-1 deficit.  This year is really for them.  And the Cleveland Cavaliers made history this year.  Again, congratulations Cleveland Cavaliers.  More championship titles please. 🙂

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Wishing her good luck

My niece is in grade 8 now.  She is very excited to come back to school because she misses her classmates and friends.  However, after seeing that she belongs to the first section she is sad and nervous.  She is sad for she missed her grade 7 classmates and friends.  And she is nervous knowing that she belongs to first section.  All of the top students in all sections in grade 7 are now in first grade 8 first section.  I have not seen her this nervous I must say.  Though we do not expect her to be in the top 3, we just want her to her best for we will always be proud of her no matter what.

I can feel the pressure in her after she shared to be her first day of classes and it is not healthy.  I do not want her to feel that way that is why I am giving her my best advice and motivation.  I told her to relax and be calm.  She has to believe in herself and her ability.  Instead of feeling pressure, she has to take it as a challenge.  Her biggest competitor will be her own self.  So, she has to prove to herself what she can do.  Just inhale and exhale so that she can relax and enjoy high school life.  I believe in her and I know that she will shine still because she is determined and has goals in life.  Good luck niece!  Enjoy your studies.  You’re doing great since the day your started your journey in school.  God bless always!

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Getting the classroom ready

Before the first day of school, I usually go to school to help my sister in arranging the classroom, cleaning the room and making little decorations welcoming the students.  I have done this since the day she started teaching.  I am her classroom decorator even though I do not know more about decorating, I just put the best art/decoration I have in mind.  Also, I do a little search online to get an idea of a decoration that would catch students attention and interest.  I am happy doing it knowing that the sister trusted me much in doing the classroom decorations.

Today, I went to the school with sister again to do my usual job before the class started.  I did not do much because the old decorations still looks nice.  We just do a little cleaning, and arranging books and some papers.  Luckily some parents are helping in painting the doors and chairs.  It is really nice to see people are helping each other in preparing the school.  Also, feels really good that some parents give their time to help.  The sister appreciate it a lot.  Her classroom now are so ready for the first day of school.  Good luck to my sister for the new batch of students!

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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors

It is Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors once again for the NBA finals 2016.  This is a rematch.  The two team meets first time last 2015 NBA finals.  I was rooting for the Cavaliers because I am a fan of Lebron James.  Unfortunately, they vowed down after the Warriors bet them leads by their number one ace player Stephen Curry.  It was a big upset because everyone is expecting for the Cavaliers first NBA Championship title.  But that is part of the game, one losses and one went home victoriously.  Expect the unexpected as they say.  The Cavaliers gave their best but the Warriors gave better.  It was one hell of a game though.

This year the two teams meet again for the NBA Finals 2016.  This would be a series to watch because these two teams are strong.  They showed everything they’ve got to reach to the finals.  The Golden State Warriors will defend their title, while the Cleveland Cavaliers will get revenge of the supposed to be first championship title for them last year.  Will the Warriors hold still the title, or would the Cavaliers get revenge?  This will be a great fight for these two teams.  Again, I am rooting for the Cavaliers and praying that they will finally get a championship title.  Whatever will the result may be these two teams are already winners.  Just that one remain standing till the finals.  Good luck to both teams.  Go! Go! Go! Cleveland Cavaliers!

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