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For the upcoming fiesta celebration

The fiesta in our village is fast approaching.  This event happens once a year and we have invited some relatives, friends and neighbors.  This event is like a big reunion to us that is why we are making sure that we are ready for us to have a wonderful and memorable fiesta celebration.  Since we like to do sing-a-long, the brother is checking our sound system, the speaker, microphones, and the likes early so when there is problem/s we can go to guitar center times square early to buy what we need for our musical instruments or parts.  We have to make sure that everything is in good condition for the fiesta celebration.  So that we will have a good time singing and dancing.

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Summary killings everywhere

After the inauguration of the newly elected president of the country, there are several cases of summary killings in the country.  The dead body of the person has a note saying ” I am an addict/drug pusher don’t be like me“.  The killings are everywhere and makes the people scary.  What is more scary is that those incidents are blaming to the president.  This is because of his message when still running for the position of the president that if he will win, he will show no mercy to those people related to drugs.  If he has to kill them he will because those people are destroying the lives of the innocent individual.

I live in the city where the newly president lives and a mayor of the city for two decades.  I know that he is a good leader.  He makes sure that the people he serves lives in paradise.  He will give his 100% service for the welfare of the people.  And he will for sure can do that to the whole nation, to his country Philippines.  What lies behind this summary killing is unknown, let us not connect it to the president.  However, if this killings are under his command, well then, this is the start of cleaning the mess.  Also, this serves as a message to everybody that the president is not joking when he says, he will clean the country, free from drugs, will  go after the drug pushers, users, protectors, drug lords and the likes.  Prepare for the changes and for the better Philippines people.

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For Better Philippines

The inauguration/oath taking of the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines happens last June 30, 2016.  The much awaited date for the Filipino people.  Everybody are excited to witness the inauguration rites, the speech, the first family, the president’s cabinet members and many others.  It was an event that everyone are so excited.  It is because of the newly elected President of the country’s promises to make this country a better place, and free from evil acts.  It is a tough job I must say but because of the experiences that the newly elected President in local governance, people are believing in him that he can make a change for better Philippines.

The speech of the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte lasted for 15 minutes I guess.  Many says it was the most meaningful speech ever in the history.  The president states some quotes from famous leaders in other country that is so meaningful too.  He promised to do his job, to serve the people and the country.  Some are not satisfied of his speech, but it doesn’t matter at all, you cannot please everybody right?  In my opinion the speech was perfect and precise.  However, the president says that he cannot do it alone.  We have to take part.  We have to help him and join the ride for better Philippines.  God bless the Philippines, God bless the 16th President.

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Tips in troubleshooting your golf cart

As the name suggests, golf carts are vehicles often used in golf courses to transport equipment, and beverage cooler .They also transport players around the holes of the course. Like any other mechanical devices, golf carts require routine maintenance and repair to ensure their durability and optimal performance. Repairs vary and may range from mending damaged solenoids to replacing the battery.

Check the connections and condition of the battery and its connections for rust or lime deposits. Remove the connectors from the negative and positive sides of the battery using a wrench. Thereafter, clean the connectors carefully using a wire terminal brush. Ensure that the terminal brush does not touch the battery at all .Run the brush on both sides of the center’s connector and clean the outside of the battery. Return the connectors to the battery using the wrench and recharge it at home or a car repair shop.

Use a screwdriver to remove the plate around the key switch. Draw the key switch off the dashboard for examination. Check to see if there are loose wires or other damages to the key switch. Use an electrical masking tape to wrap naked wires. Connect wires that have become disconnected altogether.

Unlock the car’s hood latch and check the solenoid for damages. Dents and frayed or loose wires are some of the damages you may encounter. Confirm whether the lubricant level on the solenoid is at the required level. Seal broken or exposed wires with an electrical masking tape and refill the lubricant tank if necessary.

Get the manufacturer’s manual for your golf cart. The user’s manual will provide information on maintenance and repair of the gold cart. It also has a troubleshooting section, which will help you identify the most common golf cart problems and their solutions. Ensure you take the golf cart to a mechanic for regular maintenance and servicing. This will not only help you to repair the mechanical problems in your golf cart, but it will also help to identify potential problems.

Do not forget to check the tires regularly because poorly inflated tires may cause an uneven ride and handling problems. Some of the most common golf cart problems are battery problems. Consider cleaning the battery terminals and spark plugs regularly to prevent buildup. Dirty spark plugs may lead to uneven firing and lower engine performance.

Troubleshooting your golf cart engine can be a very simple procedure. Like any other mechanical device, golf carts require regular maintenance and repair.

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