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Philippines Next Top Model Cycle 2

This is a Filipino reality show looking for the next top model.  A local version of the America’s Next Top Model (ANTM).  I am a big fan of the ANTM because this is my kind of show next to beauty pageant international, local and national.  I must say that this is my frustration.  It is my dream to become a model or a beauty queen but it is too good to be true.  I have to be contended being a fan.  I missed the Philippines Next Top Model Cycle 1 because and I felt really bad.  This cycle 2 I see to it that I will watch the show till the end.

The Philippines Next Top Model Cycle 2 has started last night.  They already selected the top 12.  The women are pretty in their own style and deserving to be in the top 12.  I do not have my bet yet because it is just started.  Maybe in the next episode, I will have my bet.  I prefer the underdog one.  I like to support those candidates that are less expected to one.  Someone that will shine up during the pictorial.  This will be an exciting one I must say.  Good luck ladies.  Show what you got and prove that you are deserving to be in the top 12.  May the best candidate/model wins!

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My favorite pastime

Yes, I am a very sentimental person.  Listening to music is my favorite pastime especially is when I am alone at home.  It makes me feel more relax and feel very fresh after hearing my favorite songs.  And it would make it more special, interesting and exciting because of what I see at  I will surely love to have one at home.  My favorite pastime would be extra special.

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The 80th Araw ng Dabaw

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The city of Davao (Dabaw), Philippines will celebrate 80th Araw ng Dabaw.  The Araw ng Dabaw will be on March 16, 2017.  The city of Davao prepare a three long week of celebrations.  There are lots of activities happening in the city that is for the people of Davao and tourists.  The celebration will showcase different city’s cultures from locals to other counties.  Because there are lots of foreigners living, doing business, settling in the city of Davao.   There are presentations from Japanese community, Chinese community, Indonesian Consulate and Indian community.  There is also performances about the city’s history.  Exciting indeed!

But the highlight of this celebration is the parade on the street wherein people will be able to see city’s different ethnic groups, street dancing, celebrities from national, kids dancing, and many others.  Everybody is looking forward for this one of the big event in the city of Davao.  I grew up loving this event.  I did not want to miss this event when I was young.  The only difference is that I do go to the street to watch the parade personally, I just stay at home and watch the live coverage of the parade.  Also, this is the perfect time to shop because there are lots of sale at the mall.  Stores are offering good deals like giving huge discounts on almost all items.  My sister and I planning to go to mall and grab this chance to buy the items/products that we want at a very low prices.

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Perfect for our amplifiers

To be honest I am having a difficult time positioning the two amplifiers we have at home.  I want our living room to be spacious but with the two huge amplifiers we have, it is not possible.  Good thing I found this amp stand while surfing online.  It is indeed perfect for our amplifiers.  And moving it from another area in the living room would be easy.  Plus, it is elegant to look at.

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