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Music room in our home

After months of persuading my father to have our music room at home, he finally say yes.  I am the happiest person when I got the approval of my father.  The music room would be the perfect place in the house to have our family bonding or gathering since we all love so sing, dancing and listening to music.  I have lots of musical instruments that I am going to buy including the presonus monitor station to complete the music room.  The sing a long family bonding would surely be more fun.

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Getting a Home Insurance

It is my father’s greatest dream to have a new home.  He has struggled hard to give us a decent life and home even before when my mother is still alive.  However, he did not able to do it because my got really sick.  His focus is to medicate my mother first before anything else.  To him, having a house is useless without my mother to share it with.  But,unfortunately my mother died early.  She did not able to see the house that my father bought for us.  I am so thankful to have a father like him.  He still pursue his greatest dream to buy a new house for us.

Our house is the most important investments that my father has.  He is the happiest the moment he bought it.  And because it is his valuable investment he is getting a home insurance to make sure the house is well protected.  It does not protect the house and the content but also the family in the future.  My father is a very responsible father.  He always thought of what is best for us.  It just sad that my mother did not able to see it.  However, I am pretty sure that she is watching from above smiling because her husband is a loving and a good provider to his family.

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Miss Universe 2016 in Manila, Philippines

Watching beauty pageants is one of my favorites.  My sister and I make our own judging and we have a bet if our favorite candidate/s wins.  Well, maybe because it is one of our frustrations in life.  Though it is far from reality, we dreamed before to wear a crown.LOL!  Kidding aside, we really love watching beauty pageant and we look forward on the question and answer part.  We really love watching international beauty pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Asia-Pacific.  We take down notes the dates of the competitions local and international.  Of course on the international competition we bet for our country’s representative.

Speaking of beauty pageant, I am so excited for the Miss Universe 2016 that will be held in Manila, Philippines this January 2017.  Some candidates in different countries arrives in the country.  The girls are so pretty.  I am pretty sure this will be an event to watch out for.  Of course, I am betting for our very own Miss Philippines Universe Maxine Medina.  I do believe that she is one of the girls to watch out for because she has the edge, plus she would be the crown favorite and she has the hometown advantage.  I hope and pray that the country’s bet will bagged the crown and bring get the back to back title.  Good Luck ladies.  For me you are all winner by representing your respective countries.

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Desirable acoustic guitar

It is my dream to know how to play the guitar.  I just love the sounds comes from it, also I like it because guitar is easy to play and anyone can play.  Well, we can play all the instruments that we like it’s just that to me guitar is the friendliest instrument to play.  If I were to buy a guitar I would surely pick the taylor 214ce. I love the style, it is so classic and elegant.  A desirable acoustic guitar for me.  I wish one day I could buy one and start my lesson on how to play the guitar.

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