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Meaning of my dreams

I have this cousin of mine whom I have not talking to for the past five (5) years.  I have not noticed that it is already five years.  Our simple misunderstanding lasted this long.  I wanted to approach her before to settle everything and say sorry if I have done wrong but was not able to because of the words that I have heard from our cousins.  I don’t believe in gossips but seeing how her parents treated me, I can sense that things are getting worse.  Too bad our relationship is not good.  We used to be friends, in fact we sometimes called each other “ter”, short for sister.  Oh well, that is life and everything happens for a reason.  Our pride/ego brought the misunderstanding this far.

We haven’t talked each other for years, we do see each other in some special occasion but we acted like we do not exist.LOL!  Too childish act I must say and it is not good.  Anyways, lately I keep on dreaming about us being friends together.  We exchange sorry and started to bring back the friendship.  I wonder why I keep on dreaming about her.  I asked the sister of what my dreams means.  She told me that I am haunted by my conscience and it is time for us to end the misunderstanding and patch everything.  But still I am hesitant because I know my cousin a bit, she might turn me down.  I will just wait till the right time that this wounds will heal and we will be friends again, or even just say/ask forgiveness.

What do you think is the meaning of my dreams?

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The truth will set us free

It is the President promised when he was still running for the position that he will clean the country from drugs, corruptions and criminally.  The people supportive him because the people are tired of the same these problems and for once wants peace and order in the country and free from drugs.  Based from his previous job as city mayor of Davao, I must say he is tried and tested.  He can do best to make this country a better place to live.  Will make the country rise again.  He is the man who this country needs to do the changes, so to speak.

Anyways the senate hearing on drugs issues started.  People are watching because they wants to see what is going on in the hearing.  Witnesses have been presented and give the information they know.  I really hope that they tell the truth because this will set us/country free from those dirty works of the responsible ones.  Some names have been mentioned in the senate hearing.  The mastermind and the people supporting this illegal and evil works.  This will be a long process.  The investigation is ongoing.  I hope that the truth will come out soon so the country will move on to the next step.  God bless the country and God bless our President.

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I watched the movie due to curiosity

One of the most talked movie lately is the Korean movie Train to Busan.  I heard that the movie is so touching and it will make you cry in the end.  I do not have any plan of watching the movie because I do not like horror, thriller and suspense movies especially when vampires and zombies are involved.  These kinds of movies is not my cup of tea because I can’t sleep well at night.  Funny but it is true that every time I watched these kinds of movies it will haunt me when I go to sleep.  I see their scary faces when I close my eyes.LOL!

But due to the comments, reactions, and reviews of those who already watched the movie, I got curious.  I have to know why they said they like the ending, and the ending is so touching.  I need to see the movie to answer my curiosity.  I have to conquer my fear so to speak.  Good thing the lead actor is one of my favorite  Korean actors.  I watched the movie already and indeed it was a nice movie.  I admire those characters that sacrifices their life to save the life of others.  But there are selfish character too that makes the story sad.  Well, that is life.  It is what you are going to do to survive and live.

I watching the movie shaking to be honest and happy that I conquer my fear.  It is a movie to watch.  Worth my fear and time.haha!

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Setting up a business quickly

There’s something so delicious about starting the morning with a tasty cup of hot coffee. From the first sip, there’s a feeling that everything is going to go just right with the day. This incredible feeling we get from a great cup of tea or coffee and a bite of delicious pastry to go with it is why we’re seeing so many mall kiosks going up in schools and community or corporate centers.

A coffee stand is a great way to attract people to a mall or other community or retail center and create a friendly and welcoming feel. It’s a feeling that people everywhere can connect to and really enjoy. That’s why companies like are catching on hugely. offers wonderfully equipped coffee and food kiosks that really have everything needed to provide a working cafe business that can function in a variety of settings. These kiosks can offer food and merchandise for sale, and they are created in modular pieces so they can be put together in a way that perfectly fits the available setting.

These cafe kiosks can be used with a buffet or a bakery set up so they are perfect for use in a restaurant or a hotel. Food court kiosks are great for shoppers who are on-the-go but still completely in the mood for a quick snack or a nice hot coffee. These kiosks are also perfect for open air festivals or fairs where people need a nice bit of refreshment while they’re enjoying an attraction. The kiosks available from are truly versatile, and they make it easy for businesses to set up quickly to sell anything from pretzels, crepes, coffee, ice cream and even retail items like jewelry or phones. Now that is versatility!

These durable cafe kiosks are well put together with stainless steel cabinet doors and surfaces made in stone, Corian or stainless steel for a very attractive, high end look. Cotton umbrellas and canopies are also available for keeping the sun off and adding a welcoming feel.

Is it time to consider adding a friendly cafe to your business? Take a look at all that has to offer!

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