Why Bothered?

We know for a fact that it is very hard to please everybody because no matter what we do whether it is good or not, people always something not so nice to say.  Side comments that would somehow hurt our feelings and make us feel bad for ourselves.  I do not know the reason why but we do mind what others might say.  We sometimes hesitant to do what we wanted to do because we are bothered by the ‘what if’ thought.  And sometimes we hold back to show someone that we care and we are sincere of what we are doing because we are bothered of the thought that we didn’t mean it.  These are the major points why we did not able to do things that we wanted to do.  And we end up having some regrets.

We human have the freedom to do what we wanted to do and do the things we want without harming others.  We are doing it for ourselves not for others and so do not bother of others side comments because some people do not want to see others happy.  Sad to say but there are people who find it hard to accept the achievements of others. We tend to forget that we should do things for ourselves and to our family not for others.  If you think that it makes you happy, do not let that chance slipped away.  Do it now and make it happen.


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