The Baby Maker

I have seen in the television about the girl whose way of living is baby making.  She calls herself ‘ the baby maker’.  There are couples that are not fortunate enough to have a baby of their own that is why they hire a baby maker to give them a baby.  There are ways on how to make the baby maker pregnant.  It can be by artificial way or natural way.  The baby maker do not mind it because they used to it and been doing this kind of work many times already.  She likes doing it because of the big amount she got after nine months.  It is an easy work for her and to those who are into this kind of business.

I do not know how they are able to come up with this kind of doings.  I felt pity for them and to the babies she carried in her womb for nine months.  I wonder how they are able to accept it and how they are able to cope up when the day comes that they miss their babies.  The baby maker I saw on the television is crying because she missed her five babies.  She is now sick and her wish is to see her kids and hug them for the last time.  The wish that is impossible to make it happen because most of her clients are foreigners.  Only thing that she could do now is to pray to God and ask for forgiveness for the kind of job she has in the past.  Nothing is impossible with God, I wish her good luck who knows one day they will all meet for real.


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