Find Your Happiness

In life all are temporary unless we want it to be permanent.  In making the relationship permanent, it takes lots of patience, understanding, love, faith and trust.  There are times that a relationship is test by problems and temptation.  It is the best test on how the couple are going to comfort each other and helping each other to make the relationship stronger. But if it not for us to have, no matter how much we wanted to stay together, there are instances that other party is giving up.  And some are being unfaithful because of the lack of communication.

Every time a relationship ends, I always heard each party saying I wish you find your happiness.  I just do not understand why they can’t give that happiness to someone they love. How can a person find their happiness when the happiness they wanted is the one who caused those tears and pain?  It is not easy to achieve the happiness we want because it will take lots of tears and painful experiences.  Those experiences that will make us wiser person to start a better approach in life.  For sure we will find the happiness that someone wants us to find without them on our side.  Happiness does come after we are able to surpass the painful and hurtful part in our life.  Be patience because happiness is there waiting for us also, with or without them.


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