Mother’s Bet

I only have seen the situation in television where the mother would pick the girl for their son.  It is so unfair on their part because they are being judge by someone without even knowing them first.  And also sad because the man they choose to love could night fight their love.  Indeed very sad situation if the man cannot stand to what they believed in and on what they wanted in their life.  Everything that they do and wanted to do should be approved by their mother.  The kind of situation where no one can contradict because they think that mother’s knows best.

I never thought that I will the same situation I saw on television.  I have seen someone who always seeks his mother’s advice when it comes to picking of a girl they want.  He wanted to please his mother always that is why mother’s approval is a must to him and even giving his mother the freedom to choose a girl for him.  It is really unfair and I wish he will realize before it’s too late.

  A mother’s bet is not always best for all of us because at the end of the day, it is us who will decide.  Not all the time a mother is always there and so being independent is best to do.  We are the one who will spend the rest of our life with the person that is why anybody’s choice is not always good for us. 


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