Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #20

This is the third time I am joining WBFC and I am loving it.  First, allow me to say sorry because I deleted my facebook like widget in my sidebar for some reasons.  Forgive me for that.  To proceed,

I am so thankful for this WBFC for it has helped me a lot in gaining followers, friends and reader for this new blog of mine.  I need traffic and WBFC is the way to make this blog a successful one.  And for this week’s caravan Google + one will surely rock our blogs away.  Long way to go for our blogs and I am pretty sure it will up up and away…:-)

Want your blog to soar high?  Click HERE and be one of the participants.

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39 Responses to “Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #20”

  1. Mirage says:

    Plus one from me…

  2. Gengen says:

    Just visiting from WBFC click the plus one…

  3. Pinx says:

    #3 ko diri gen!

  4. Rossel says:

    clicked (#5). happy Monday!

  5. +1 for you, I am on #23…see U at my blog.

  6. Rossel says:

    hi sis. pwede bang pakiclick dito mismo sa homepage ko? yung pala kaseng +1 tab sa sidebar kapag nandoon sa page ay sa page counted. nagclick ako ulit sa mismong homepage mo.thanks in advance!

  7. Ane says:

    Gave you a +1.. 🙂

  8. “Plus-ed one” here via WBFC! 😉 Here’s mine! 🙂

  9. Edsie says:

    Visiting from WBFC. Google’d +1 ur homepage.. yey!!

    By the way, I’m building my Blogroll. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll add your badge or link. Thanks!!

  10. Miss `C says:

    Hi, Plus Onned You already. 🙂

  11. Janice says:

    clicked +1 your site. 😀 I’m number 30 on the list.

  12. Gen, 4th liker on your homepage .. please click mine on homepage please . and not on permalink.. thanks…

  13. seth says:

    clicked it! I’m #12 🙂

  14. yuuki says:


    nasa main page po ang G+1 ko kc di ko mapalabas ba ibang pages…thx!

  15. Stef says:

    =) Clicked Google+1, 14th

  16. nancy says:

    Plus 1 for Genny Speaks!
    See you around Gen! 🙂

  17. DIVINE says:

    Hello Sis,

    16th G-Plus 1! See you in my blog 🙂


  18. Like checked! Followed checked!
    Hope you can visit me too, i already updated my blogs


  19. Prosti says:

    +1’d 🙂 Mine is here http://rajavoom.blogspot.com/

    Hope you do the same.

  20. Jessica says:

    Hello Sis G,
    I am #18 on your Google +1, hope you can add your +1 here in my entry http://www.mommies2ks.com/2011/08/weekend-blog-caravan-follower-20.html

    Sis J

  21. Done +1 your homepage.
    Have a blessed day!

    #34 in WBFC 20

  22. Viva Pinay says:

    was here for +1 🙂

  23. redamethyst says:

    HI. Dropping by from WBFC, clicked the google +. Hope to see you at Simple Pero Rock thanks

  24. Joy says:

    23rd clicker og G+1 from WBFC 20, see you in my blog 🙂

  25. Chris says:

    Hello! I dropped by from WBFC today to click +1!

  26. Kero says:

    Thank you so much for the visit, Genny.

    I’m returning the favor and gave your homepage a G+1

    Happy blogging!

  27. Gengen says:

    done the plus1

  28. Done on G +1 on this post and your homepage. Thanks for the clicked also

  29. Done G +1 Homepage #16 , post # 25..

  30. Fe says:

    +1 for your homepage (#26)… see you at my site http://www.iamfe.com

  31. May says:

    Hi Genny! +1’d your home page AND this post (2 clicks) to make sure you get a LOT of g+1 love. 😀

    I also host a fun Saturday meme called Colorful Weekend! Very fun for showing off photos of food, kids, recipes, projects, scenery… anything colorful! This week I’m giving away $5 to 2 participants. 🙂 Have a happy weekend!

  32. gagay says:

    😀 😀 😀 +1 the homepage already! not this permalink..

  33. Dori says:

    +’ed you!