26th Kadayawan Festival

Today the city celebrates the 26th Kadayawan Festival.  The festival of giving thanks for the bountiful harvest of fruits, flowers and other plants planted by farmers.  There was a long parade and street dancing participated by at least 11th tribes of Mindanao.  One highlight of the celebration is the street dancing competition participated by different schools here in Davao City and other parts of Mindanao.

I remember the time when my school is participating and I was picked by the choreographer to be in the group.  It was one memorable day of my life participating in the street dancing.  Witnessing the parade today reminds me when I was there dancing.  It has been 20 long years to be exact.  Too bad we do not have a camera that times to take some photos as remembrance.  All the memories are registered only in my mind and will remain forever.

I bring my nephew and nieces with me to watch the parade.  I am so happy that they liked it.  I even told my eight years old that my sister and I once  participated in the street dancing contest.  I also told her to participate when given the chance because the feeling is great when you are able to participate and be part of the celebration.  My nieces just laughed at me.  I hope one day they can, just like my sister and me 20 years ago.

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