Affected by technology of today

I was having a conversation a while ago with an online friend.  He is running a printing business for years now and he is so sad because his business is getting slow each year.  His business is affected by the technology of today because most people do the printing by themselves using their computer and printer.  The clients he used to work with their business cards are not contacting him anymore.  And his business right now is in the bad situation.  He thinks of closing it and venture to another business but still thinking about it because he has to consider the economic problems of the country.  Not a good timing to start a business because of the unstable economy.

It is so sad to know that after running the business for years, he will have to close it.  He felt badly for the business as well as to the people who are working with him.  But he has no choice but to do it especially if the business is not earning enough.  The new technology to help us in many ways and we are glad about it.  But it does affect some businesses especially the small one.  I guess this is the right time for us to use the technology of today to earn online with the help of this technology using the computers.

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