Christmas bonus from my sister

Yesterday I was surprised when my sister gave me a Christmas bonus.  I was not expecting it that she will give me since I owe a lot from her.  She told me it is her way of saying thank you for taking care of her son because the nanny was left.  She still looking for a new nanny but could not find any.  It is very difficult to get a nanny at this time.  I am so glad when my sister gave me her Christmas gifts for me.  It was in cash that makes it awesome.  I can buy the things that I want to buy that I spotted when I went to mall doing my window shopping.  Now that I have the money, I will go back to the mall this weekend to see if the pants that I wanted to buy are still available.  I will shop early to make sure I get the right size for me.  I am experienced many time that the pants that I like is broken sizes and it is so happen that no size fits for me.  I hope that it is still available this weekend and I hope that the discount is still there.  Thanks sister for the wonderful in cash presents for me..  Love you much!

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3 Responses to “Christmas bonus from my sister”

  1. Mom's Place says:

    off topic Gen…mustamoz…naa ko award sa imo

  2. nancy says:

    So sweet of your sister Gen!

    Ang sobra atong i buffet unya, hehe.

  3. arcee says:

    a sister is truly a blessing:-) me, i’m already waiting for my elder sister’s Xmas present for me from the U.S…i’ve requested those though…i’m such a spoiled. hopping by & wishing u a happy weekend!