Forced to leave his job

Because of the serious condition of my brother, he was advice by doctor to stop drinking and smoking forever.   It was indeed a good news because no more smoker in the house.  We are safe from the illness that we may suffer from inhaling the smoke from the cigarette.  Good thing nothing really serious happens to my brother,   He is still taking his medicines and hopefully he will be fully recovered after finishing all the medicine for his home medication.  And because of his condition, their boss ordered that my brother should leave the site.  As much as he wanted to stay, the owner/boss insisted for my brother to leave his job because he is sick.

He is really sad but there is nothing he could do but to accept that he lost his job because of his condition.  The family comforted him and makes him feel special because he is so sad after losing his job.  His condition right now is the result of him being a change smoker and a drinker.  He learned his lesson, after what happen.  I hope that the brother will get better soon so that he can do the things that he does back when he is not sick.  I can tell that he misses his normal life so bad.  Just be patient brother and pray harder for only God knows.

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4 Responses to “Forced to leave his job”

  1. nancy says:

    Naa pay makit-an work imong kuya Gen ang importante magpa ayo sya ug no to smoking and drinking na gyud for him after. 😀

    Btw, naay award para sa imo. Silipa unya ug makalugar ka 😀

  2. Hyanne says:

    I hope your brother sis is doing well now., mahirap talaga magkasakit especially if madaming gastusin,.

  3. unikorna says:

    I like your blog, I like your honesty, I would like some pictures though to illustrate your stories :).

  4. Mona says:

    at least job lang naman nawala sa kanya … Mabuti naman family is there to support.