Old clothes for the victims

Yesterday, there was a huge fire incident here in the city that is so alarming.  The area where the fire started is not accessible because it is located near the river that fire fighters find it hard to get it.  The truck is big enough for the small way.   It is alarming because if the fire is out of control, there are schools and hotel that may be affected.  The fire lasted for more than three hours and sad to say almost all of the houses were burned.  Because the city fire fighters ability, they are able to control the fire.  Seeing the victims will definitely breaks my heart. Smiley  It is so sudden and everybody was shocked when they found out especially those who are workers.  How unfortunate the victims were because it happens now that Christmas is fast approaching.

The city is doing their best to help all the fire victims.  For the meantime, the victims will stay in the Gym and in schools for them to have a place to stay while the city is generating the help for them to start again.  Encouraging the people of Davao to give donations in cash and in kind.  Extending help and share our blessings are much-needed by the fire victims.  The sister and I are thinking of giving away our old clothes to help the victims.  It is not big but at least we are able to help them in times like this.Smiley Let’s give love in this season of love and let the victims feel that they are still blessed despite of what had happen.  The victims are still blessed because they are still alive and that is the most important of all. Smiley

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3 Responses to “Old clothes for the victims”

  1. Elvirah says:

    Thats really sad, but they are really blessed and fortunate to be alive even after such a disaster. Yes if we share a little love and be generous for those victims during their hard times like this wuld be of of so great help to them.

  2. JIA says:


  3. Hello Gen.. kabalo baka nga nagbaktas ko diring dapita anang panahona.. haisst gikan sa gate sa ateneo padulong unahan sa bangkerohan bridge….

    ang tinuud no.. nahurot na akong mga sanina ug panghatag.. gikan pa tung baha diha sa matina… hehe… lately na pud sunog sa San juan diri sa agdao… hay.. unsaon nalang.. anyway.. salamat sa laag 🙂