Too young to be a mother

I know that teenage pregnancy is not new to us.  Yes, this case is very common nowadays and some are blaming their parents for the misfortune of their daughter.  As they have said that teenagers nowadays are very much impulsive because of the environment and to the kind of friends they have.  They get what they want to matter what.  Some do the want to listen to some advises because to them they are not being understood.  They mind-set is close for the possible advises.  And because of their very young minds, they make a wrong decision that they will regret it for the rest of their lives.

Just recently, I heard in the new of the 12 years old girl becomes a mother.  Yes, very young and oh well, not new to us.  But one thing that shocked me is that the father of her baby is her own father.  “What!?”   This was the word that comes out from my mouth  after hearing who is the father of her child.  The supposed to be the protector and give  guidance of the girl is the one who ruined her life.  My goodness, how can a father do such thing to his own flesh and blood?  This is one of the questions that people utters after hearing the news.  Too bad that the girl’s future was taken away by her own father.

The girl is too young to be a mother and that makes me so sad.  She supposed to be enjoying her childhood and teenage life.  But now that she is already a mother, those things will be set aside because of the upcoming responsibility that will be embracing her.  Well, having a child is a blessing and I do hope that this little angel will be guided right and will grow up a better individual.

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