My Teacher, My Hero

An old cliché’ goes like this: “A  teacher is a noble profession”.  Yes indeed!  It is more than just a profession, it is a vocation, and it is a way of life.  To teach is not a joke.  It needs more than just their knowledge and intelligence, it needs your patience, dedication, love and compassion.  To love the unlovable, to look at unruly and misbehaving children with the eyes of love, to understand the slow and hard to learn children, to look after the good and naughty ones at the same time, to strive hard to give yourself for the sake of teaching and having these  precious ones learn something, to give themselves unselfishly without expecting something in return, to sacrifice in going to school even when they are sick because they are the captain of the ship.  To try hard to improve oneself so that they can give something new to these learners.  Who can do all these sacrifices?  Yes, only a hero, a saint, a teacher!

My teacher is my hero.  All those things that she has sacrificed are more than just enough for her to become my hero.  When I say my teacher, my hero, I don’t only mean one particular teacher, but I mean all those teachers that have become part of my learning experience.  Those teachers, including the good and not so good ones, are my heroes because in some way or another they have helped me and molded me into who and what I am not today.  Thank you my teachers.

As we celebrate the world teachers’ day, I remember my teachers before and say a little prayer for them.  Though thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for your dedication, love and knowledge but it is my way of recognizing your efforts and my way of expressing how glad I am because you have shared yourselves to me.

Kudos to all the teachers in the world.  You make a difference.  You touch and mold lives.  You have the opportunity to make or break.  You are chosen.  You are lucky.  Take joy in the positive side of being a teacher and never mind the negative side because after all Jesus is your model.  There is no paradise without sacrifice.

P.S:  The sister’s entry in essay writing contest during the World teachers’ day celebration at school.

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