The killer stray bullet

New Year is supposed to be a very happy celebration with the family as we are welcoming another year of life.  However, there are unfortunate ones who celebrate this day with tears and anger.  These are the people who were hit by killer stray bullet.  This is not a new to us because this has happened each year as we are celebrating Christmas and New Year.  I do not understand why there are people who fire their gun during these times.  Are they insensitive enough or does not have any conscience at all.  I think these people do not think righteously.  They are the kind of people who does not care enough whoever may hit after they are firing their gun.

I am sad after seeing in the news the victims of the killer stray bullet that took the lives of the innocent victims.  The worse is that, the victims are young ones.  I wonder what satisfaction they can get after firing their gun.  Seeing the family of the victims made me cry.  Their New Year was a painful day to them.  They welcome the New Year with tears because one of their family members died.  Their hopes and dreams are gone because of the sudden thing happens.  The sad truth is that the responsible person is nowhere to be found.  It would be difficult for them to seek justice, but they are praying that the responsible one will surrender or get caught soon.  May the victims will rest in peace.

I do hope that the gun owner will be a responsible person.  Also, they won’t do such thing like other does that caused the death of innocent person.

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