In three weeks

The brother will take the vow of marriage three weeks from now.  To marry the woman he loves and cherished is his greatest dreams.  As of the moment, they are busy preparing the things needed for their wedding.  I can tell that he and his wife to be are very excited and happy waiting for the big day in their lives.  I am also happy for them, and at the same time pressured. Haha!  Yes, I am pressured because I am part of the entourage as maid of honor.  Meaning, I have to wear gown on their wedding day.  I do not have problem wearing a gown, however, my size really bothers me a lot.

 I am doing my hardest to at least lose weights and inches in my waistline.  It is very difficult because my time is limited.  I have to lose weights in three weeks.  How is that? Pressured indeed!  I hope that I would be able to do it.  Few weights and inches will do for me.  I have to say no for the tempting foods and sweets for a while I guess.  A torture for me I must say, but I have to do it for a while so that I would fit in the gown that I am going to wear on my brother’s wedding day.  Wish me luck!

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One Response to “In three weeks”

  1. mona says:

    Congrats in advance to your bro, and for you go go go girl you can do it. Me I need to gain weight so skinny!