Celebrities at the Festival

Even though they are like ordinary human beings like us, still many are idolizing them because they are television personality. They are pretty and handsome I must say that is why many are mimicking them. Following what they wear, eat, drink, do, and the likes. Well, these are the things that an avid fan can do to support their idol. This is what I have seen from my cousin before. Every time her favorite TV personality is having a show in the city, she will go no matter what it takes. That is how she supported her idol.

Last Kadayawan Festival here in the city, there are lots of celebrities are visiting the city and joined the parade on the streets, have events in the mall and park to be with their fans. I have wantched once before and it is so tiring I must say. I stopped doing it after the first experienced. I am not saying that it was a bad experience; just that it makes me very tired and decided to stop. They are still my idol though. The fans do not mind if it is so crowded, as long as they are able to see their idol. That is why they always took the opportunity to see their idols for real in the festival.

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