Justice has been served

Few months back, the most talked issue on television was the incident that happened to actor/host V. Navarro. He was beaten by group of people and was accused of raping the model D. Cornejo. Different cases like have been filed. Both parties are arguing, fighting and asking for justice. Because they were both celebrities, the issue was sensationalized. Many are sympathized in Navarro’s side because of his situation. He was beaten really hard that you might think it is a blessing that he survived and still alive. After the cases filed, the media is not allowed to get coverage.

After months of battling, justice has been served to V. Navarro. The group of people (C. Lee’s group) who beat him and detained him illegally is now facing the consequences. The law is after them now and they will put behind bars because the sin they have committed has no bail. However, they still are not accepting the charges to them. To them, justice is not fair. But to V. Navarro’s side, justice is on their side. And they are happy of the court’s decision. Navarro’s family, relatives, fans and friends, are happy about the decision as well. V. Navarro learned a lot from this experienced. I do hope that the other parties learned their lessons too because what they did is inhuman. No one deserves to be treated the way they did to Navarro.

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