School Year 2014-2015

The school year 2014-2015 has just started last June 02, 2014. Schools are busy, public vehicles, streets, students and parents. My sister who is a teacher wakes up very early to get herself ready. She has to go to school very early to prepare everything in welcoming her students. A week before the classes starts, she is preparing her lesson plan. She told me that she is 10% ready because she needs to have more vacation. Haha! The two months is not enough because of the seminars she has attended, also the community service. The two months’ vacation was never a vacation for her I must say.

I wake up early on the first day of school because I have to watch the sister’s kids. The nanny isn’t back yet from visiting her friend. I guess she is ready to leave soon. On the first day of school I heard the students singing the national anthem. We live near the school in our village. I can hear the activity at school even the kids shouting. Anyways, I wish the kids a very good luck this school year. I hope that they will do good at school and be good students to their teachers. Also, hope that this school year is good year for all the students and teachers.

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