Because I am busy doing my stuffs online

I spent most of my time facing the computer, updating my blogs, talking to my friends online and the likes.  I love doing it since the day I started blogging and earning.  These are my daily routine apart from taking care of the kids and doing some household chores.  I did not notice that I am like a superwoman. Not the superhero or something.  I considered myself a superwoman because I manage to do those things in a day.  Makes me tired but happy knowing that my days were fruitful even if I am just at home.

However, there are things that have changed and I did not notice it happens until now.  I am doing updates in my blogs when I felt that my stomach is empty.  When I looked at the clock, I was shocked that it is already 3 O’clock in the afternoon and I haven’t taken my lunch yet.  OMG! My eating time have changed.  I forgot to eat on time because I am busy doing my stuffs online, which is not good because it is my health that is at stake.  While having my lunch, I am thinking of the things that have changed since the day I started blogging.  I realized that it is not just my meal time have changed but also my sleeping habit.  I sleep late and wake up early lately.arghs!  This is not good and I want to make a change again.  I want to bring back the old ways that I used to do.  I have to eat and sleep on time.  I hope to change this soon.

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