In the circle of married women

I have shared in my other blog that I have gained friends at the school where my nephew enrolled. I am glad that to have found new friends, the friends that I can talk to face to face because most of my friends now are from other side of the world. I haven’t seen them for real. But even so I can tell that they are good friends and pure person. It is awkward sometimes because my new founds friends are married. Yes, I am in the circle of married women. I like their company because they are jolly, loves to smile and easy to be with which I like so much because I love to smile a lot.

Being with the married women is exciting because I learned so many things about their life. Though there are topics that I cannot relate. I just listened to them and maybe if given the chance to get married and have my family, I know some things that I can apply in the future. They tease me sometimes but I do not mind them because I love my life now and besides I am not in a hurry even if I am in the mid 30’s. I just pray to God that He will give me the man who I deserved, the man who I love and love me back. Being in the circle of married women is so different compared to my friends who are single and I love the experienced.

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