Hopefully she made the right decision

I know this is a bit late post, but still I wanted to say my opinion about the wedding of the local actress and the politician. Their love story faces many challenges, trials and difficulties but they stayed strong and proved to their love ones that their love is pure and true. Their big day happens two weeks ago. I must say she is one happy bride as well as the groom. It has been the talked of town if the parents of the bride will come and witness the important event on their daughter’s life. Though they are expecting the parents of the bride won’t come, still they are hoping that they will change their mind. Unfortunately, the parents did not arrive.

Though she is smiling on her wedding day, I can tell by looking at her eyes that she is sad. Sad because her parents did not able to witness and walk her down the aisle wearing the wedding dress. Though her parents did not able to come, still they are able to extend their message to the newlyweds. The message was read by the bride’s sister. It was a very nice and meaningful that made the bride cried. I guess their love is really pure and true. They have won the battle and now they are one. I really hope that she made the right decision. Good luck to them!

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