Start of their campaign

Election day in the country is fast approaching.  The candidates for different position in local and national government are very busy now that the campaign period has just started.  One of the position to watch for is the position of the President of the country.  There are five candidates for the position of the president.  Each of them has stated their platforms.  Others are promising and other are cliche.  People are more focus for this position because they are so tired of those leaders who is just good in promising but once elected, there is no action.  This is the reason people are eager for a change.  People needs a new leader that will listen to their grievances and can deliver what he/she promised while campaigning.

Now that the campaign period is started, aspirants are doing their best to let the people know about them and what they can do to served the country and the people well.  Candidates has started visiting their hometowns, cities and provinces to meet the people.  There are also series of interviews, upcoming debates and the likes in the television to help the voters/people decide who to vote.  These shows makes the election day an interesting day.  I hope that people will elect the best and good leader.  God bless my country.

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