Palm Sunday

What is Palm Sunday?  This is the question that my niece asked me yesterday at the church.  I am shocked because I am surprised and I do not know how to explain it to her.  I end up asking myself the same question.  My bad, I have attended this celebration at the church but does not have enough knowledge of what it is all about.  I felt guilty of this attitude of mine.  I told myself to do a research when I get home from church.  I have to know so that when my niece asked me again, I know what to tell her and how to explain it to her.

Anyways, Palm Sunday is the week before Jesus death and resurrection.  This is the day of His victorious entry in Jerusalem.  This is also called the Passion Sunday, the beginning of the Holy Week.  The Catholic and other Christians commemorate this event by doing a procession with people carrying palms.  This is one of the important events of the faithful.  Yesterday, I attended this celebration at the church with the family and we brought palms to have it blessed by the priest.  I am happy that I get to attend because I missed it last year.

By the way, I already answered the question of my niece and I felt relieved.  Thank you niece for the knowledgeable question.

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