Easter Sunday

The Christ’s ressurection celebrated on Easter Sunday.  Catholic believers celebrates the Easter Sunday yesterday.  It is the end of Lent and marks the end of Holy Week.  There are activities in the church started on Palm Sunday.  The Easter Sunday activities in our church started with the procession, the encounter (sugat) of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, with angels singing throwing petals of flowers and then holy mass after.  I must say that this is the most festive events in the Catholic church and other christian believers.  For Christians, Easter is the most important day of the year.

The celebration in our church yesterday starts at 4:00 in the morning.  We always attend Easter mass, so we woke up early get the kids ready because the kids are looking forward to see the angels singing during the encounter of Jesus and Mary after three days of being dead.  The kids enjoy watching the angels singing and amazed on one angel hanging on the ceiling.  It brings back the days when me and I older sister were one of the angels.  Though I am not so aware of what is happening during that time, the pictures of me and my sister wearing white dress with wings made me understand.  I so wish my nieces and nephews will be one of the angels in Easter Sunday celebration.

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