32nd Kadayawan Festival


The city celebrates the 32nd Kadayawan Festival. This is an annual celebration in the city of Davao.  The most celebrated events in the city.  The city government is doing their best to make this festival a success.  People are expecting much this year because the country’s president is coming from the city of Davao.  The highlights of this event are the street dancing competition, the floral parade, fluvial flute, Kadayawan Dome/Square, the different ethnic groups and their houses built-in one of the parks in the city and many others.  This is the first time that the city is showing the different ethnic groups in Mindanao and people are so excited to see it and take photos of the different houses.  Indeed, it is a much see highlights of the event.  Tourist will surely enjoy their stay in the city for the Kadayawan festival.

The day before the big event, we went to the city with the kids to see the activities in the city and of course took some photos.  The kids did enjoy our short tour at the park.  We do not worry about the bad things might happen because the city is so secured.  Policemen and arm forces of the Philippines are there to make sure the safety of the people and the city.  The festival celebration was a success and people who went to witness the event going home smiling.  We did not see the real street dancing and the floral parade because it is so crowded.  We just watched the live coverage on television.  The highlights of the event are awesome.  The festival was a success I must say. Looking forward to the next Kadayawan Festival.

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