Six Place Finish

The Sea Games 2017 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is about to end.  After almost 2 weeks of completing the country, Philippines finished in six place.  The country is competing for 39 events and got 24 gold as of today.  The athletes are giving their best for the country.  I’ve watched the coverage of the games online and on live coverage on television.  There were upsets on the athletes that are expected to bring a medal for the country and it is sad that they failed.  But they give all their might it’s just that it is not their lucky day.  Athletes cried because they failed and that is normal I guess.  I even felt like crying for them too.  Better luck next time so to speak.

The next Sea Games will be on 2019 and the host country is my country, Philippines.  I am looking forward to the next Sea Games.  The athletes have two years to practice before the competition.  I do hope that the country will send more athletes to compete to have bigger chances of bringing more medals for the country.  I am also looking forward to the volleyball national team, they are strong and have the will to win just that their opponents are more ready than them.  Hopefully, they will do their best in the next Sea Games and recruits more players that can smash the ball better.  I prayed that on the 2019 Sea Games, the country will have finished on first place.

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