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She made it to the top 3

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I am a big fan of Asia’s Next Top Model.  I am watching this show since it started.  And of course, I am rooting for the country’s (Philippines) representative.  Philippines representative has always been a strong contender.  It always makes it to the top three (3) but unfortunately did not bring home the bacon.  For the past 4 cycles, I am so disappointed because I felt the that the title was rubbed from the country’s bet.  Especially during the time of Monika Sta. Maria.  I really thought that she won that time.  But then again, everything happens for a reason.  Maybe it is not the time yet for the country’s bet to bring home the Asia’s Next Top Model title.

This year, Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 started last April 2017.  And they are now down to the top 3 aspirants.   The top 3 models are from Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines.  Yes, the country’s representative Maureen Wroblewitz made it to the top 3.  She is come from behind and was bullied but it did not stop her from dreaming that she can do it and she will win for the country.  I am so excited for the season finale.  I hope and pray that Maureen will win for she deserves it.  She is the unexpected contender so to speak.  This year is our year I can feel it.  Good luck Maureen!!!

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Philippines Next Top Model Cycle 2

This is a Filipino reality show looking for the next top model.  A local version of the America’s Next Top Model (ANTM).  I am a big fan of the ANTM because this is my kind of show next to beauty pageant international, local and national.  I must say that this is my frustration.  It is my dream to become a model or a beauty queen but it is too good to be true.  I have to be contended being a fan.  I missed the Philippines Next Top Model Cycle 1 because and I felt really bad.  This cycle 2 I see to it that I will watch the show till the end.

The Philippines Next Top Model Cycle 2 has started last night.  They already selected the top 12.  The women are pretty in their own style and deserving to be in the top 12.  I do not have my bet yet because it is just started.  Maybe in the next episode, I will have my bet.  I prefer the underdog one.  I like to support those candidates that are less expected to one.  Someone that will shine up during the pictorial.  This will be an exciting one I must say.  Good luck ladies.  Show what you got and prove that you are deserving to be in the top 12.  May the best candidate/model wins!

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Miss Philippines: Miss Universe 2015

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I know this is a bit late post but still I want to share my happiness of the recent concluded Miss Universe 2015 that was held in Las Vegas.  After 6 straight of being in the top 10 and top 5, now it is the country’s time to rejoice.  I am so happy because the Philippines bet, Pia Wurtzbach won the most coveted Miss Universe crown.  After four decades of waiting, finally the country won their third Miss Universe crown.  The country is so happy for her.  She promised to do her best to win the title, now she is.  Bringing home the crown is the perfect gift for the country.

The announcement of the winner is a bit controversial because of the host mistake to say Colombia instead of the Philippines.  I am shocked because I am really rooted for the Philippines.  I just said that maybe it is not for us and the right time is not for us yet.  However, after seeing the reaction of the host, I knew there is something wrong.  Indeed there is something wrong.  The host is apologetic though and corrected it and give the crown to the right owner.  Congratulations to Miss Philippines for winning the Miss Universe 2015 crown.  Good luck on your reign and enjoy being the queen.  The country is so proud of you.  You indeed make us all happy.  Thank you very much for this wonderful gift.

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No Commercial Break

Last Saturday was the much awaited Tamang Panahon Event of the Kalyeserye in Eat Bulaga.  Tamang Panahon means The Right Time in English.  This event is focuses on the story of the Phenomenal Love Team of AlDub ( Alden Richards and Maine “yayadub” Mendoza.  Anyways, I am an avid fan of the show Eat Bulaga.  I have saw how great the show is and I can proudly say that I love this show and will surely watch the show as long as it is still on air.  I watched how this Phenomenal love team started.  It was very funny that is why people hooked with this love team.

The show was No Commercial Break.  I never thought that the organizer of this event would give so much satisfaction to their audiences inside the Arena and those watching at home and overseas.  Non-stop happiness and entertainment I must say.  They showed that they valued their fans, audiences at viewers.  No wonder the show Eat Bulaga lasted for 36 years.  The show was awesome especially when the love team ALDUB finally meet.  The love team first hug, first holding hands, first dance, and many more first.  Kuddos to the show, I pray that you will last longer and will give more happiness, joy, and blessings to all of your avid audiences and viewers.  Good luck and Happy 36 Years!

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