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Tarsier: Smallest Primate


This is the Tarsier.  The smallest primate in the world that can be found in the Tarsier Conservatory Area in Bohol, Philippines.  The size of this little creäture is as big as your thumb.  What a cutie isn’t it?  I am fortunate to see this little creäture when the family did the summer vacation in Bohol.  As I promised to not go home without seeing this little creäture.  A dream come true? Yes, and I am so happy.  Thanks to blogging.

Because it is raining when we arrived at the conservatory area, some Tarsiers are going up and hiding inside their little abode.  But this friendly little one remains in the place.  I guess this one knows I have to take a photo as a souvenir and a photo to share it here.  Thanks to you friendly Tarsier.  The summer vacation was a blast and memorable one for the family.

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Random Friday Rants

Friday once again and it is RANTING time! Smileynbsp;

Oh yes!  I have something rant to share this Friday.  Today is the annual reunion of the school where I graduated high school.  Ever since I graduated high school, I haven’t attended any of the past reunion yet and I want to experience it this year.  I have heard from high school friends that the reunion has lots of fun.  And also a good opportunity to see and meet again my high school friends, classmates and schoolmates.  Thinking of meeting them after more than a decade is fun indeed.

This year, I wanted to join but no one will look after the kids.  I told my brother about it but sad to say, they can’t leave their job because of the series inventories they have in the company they are working.    I am stuck here in the house watching the three kids of my brother.    Smiley   I want to cry because I am here at home stuck watching the three kids of my brother.  In situation like this, I feel like I will explode any minute because of the responsibilities that the brother is given to me. Smiley Seems like they are depriving me of doing the things that I want.  Well, I still have one option and I hope my father will say yes if I will ask him to look after the kids just for tonight.  Anyways, the brother and SIL will be home from work.(crossing my fingers)

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Wednesday Whites: My New Phone

I have always wanted to join this meme but always forgot it.  This week I see to it that I will join and so here I am at last with my first entry.


This is my new phone, I got this a month ago.  I am so happy at last I have new phone.  My old one was broken and will cost me much to repair it so I decided to just buy a new one than to repair the old one.  I am so much love this new phone of mine because I got this from the money that I learned online.  Blogging has given me the opportunity to buy things that I wanted to.  I am pretty sure I will do blogging for life.  My next project is to buy my own digital camera.   I am praying for it. 🙂

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Nostalgia : The Brat

I was looking for a memorable photo that I can share for Nostalgia this week. I cannot find a photo of me so I was looking for another photo that is good to remember.   Below is the photo that makes me smile after seeing it in my files.

This is my eight year old niece lasts Sunday at the mall.  She is crying because she wants something that her mother did not approve it.  She is the first kid in the family’s third generation and used to get what she wants.  But this time it is a No from her mother because what she likes is not sensible.  Her sister and brother are enjoying the kids while she is crying in the corner.  I decided to take a shoot of her being a brat for her to remember when she gets older.  A very nostalgia moment for my little brat niece.:-)

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