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Made the people scared

Few days ago, a bomb exploded in Davao City, during the night market at Roxas Avenue.  It was one scary night for the people who is at the area enjoying the services, foods, affordable RTW goods, and the likes.  The supposed to be a fun and relaxing night for the people of Davao turns into a nightmare.  There are 14 died and 70 wounded.  Some are still battling  for their lives till now at the hospital.  The family of the victims are in tears and their hearts are turned into pieces.  I really do not understand why some people are doing this to hurt other people.  I wonder what satisfaction can they get from doing this kind of crime.

The bombing incident last Friday makes the people of Davao scared.  Plus there are lots of bomb threat in schools, public markets, malls, parks, and churches.  People are avoiding the crowded area to be safe, and advice to stay at home for the mean time for their safety.  The investigation of the bombing incident is on going, hopefully the police will get to the bottom of this and arrested the responsible person/s doing the crime to give justice to all the victims.  I am praying this act of terrorism will stop to achieve peace for us to live in peaceful and harmonious life.   Instead of doing harm to others, I pray that God will touch the hearts of those heartless person so that LOVE and CARE for each other will prevail. Amen!

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Thank you Pope Francis

The five-day visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines was a success. Even though there was a typhoon, still the Pope gives masses in the Manila Cathedral, Tacloban City, UST ground – meeting with the youth, and in Quirino Grandstand in Luneta. The signal #2 storm warning in Tacloban did not stop the people from coming, attending the mass and welcoming the People’s Pope. Although the visit in Tacloban was a quick one due to the storm Amang, he did give an inspiring message to the Filipino people. The people in Tacloban are so blessed to be able to see Pope Francis and hearing the mass lead by His Holiness. Too bad the storm did not allow Pope Francis to stay longer in Tacloban and did not able to read/share the message he has ready for the people in Tacloban. Nevertheless, he did leave a wonderful inspiring message to the typhoon Yolanda victim back in 2013.

The country is very blessed to be visited by Pope Francis. He leaves lots of inspiring messages in the masses he has presided. I am glad that there was a live coverage on television. Even though I was not there for real, I still feel the love, blessings, and cared the Pope gives to the people. Thank you Pope Francis for visiting the country and for the wonderful messages you leave to us. Surely, it inspires and wakes us up that life is wonderful thing no matter how bad the trials are because God is always walks with us.

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We shouldn’t wish bad to others

We do commit mistakes in our life and hurt others through our words without minding it. To us it is like nothing but to those who heard it especially the concern person, it is not good. It can cause misunderstanding, argument or worse. We want to take it back, but as they say the damaged is already done. These things happen to be many times in the past and I regret it after. I have learned my lesson and promised to be more careful next time. Also, I promise to myself that when I have nothing nice to say, I just keep my mouth shut.

I am saying this after what I have read on the news about the certain local newscaster’s bad wish to other country. It doesn’t sound well. Jokingly said it or not, it does not really nice to wish badly to others. We shouldn’t do that because we do not like bad things happen to us, right? We do not want others to wish us bad, right? Yes, she commits mistakes by saying it, which is why she should have been more careful because many have heard it and reacted. I do hope that this misunderstanding will be settled, and I do hope that she will learn from this. This is a perfect example for her to be more extra careful next time because she might hurt somebody’s feeling intentionally or unintentionally.

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In the circle of married women

I have shared in my other blog that I have gained friends at the school where my nephew enrolled. I am glad that to have found new friends, the friends that I can talk to face to face because most of my friends now are from other side of the world. I haven’t seen them for real. But even so I can tell that they are good friends and pure person. It is awkward sometimes because my new founds friends are married. Yes, I am in the circle of married women. I like their company because they are jolly, loves to smile and easy to be with which I like so much because I love to smile a lot.

Being with the married women is exciting because I learned so many things about their life. Though there are topics that I cannot relate. I just listened to them and maybe if given the chance to get married and have my family, I know some things that I can apply in the future. They tease me sometimes but I do not mind them because I love my life now and besides I am not in a hurry even if I am in the mid 30’s. I just pray to God that He will give me the man who I deserved, the man who I love and love me back. Being in the circle of married women is so different compared to my friends who are single and I love the experienced.

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