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Car seat for your child

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Accidents do happen on the day that we less expected it.  That is why it is best for us to be ready always.  When you are driving your own car with your child on board, it is right to the car seat for them.  The car seat is needed to prevent the child from being hurt when car crash occurs.  Of course, we do not want an accident to happen, but as they say, prevention is better than cure, and that we should be ready always.  Is it better to be safe than sorry right?  The seatbelt is not enough to ensure the safety of the child on board.

We need to protect our family always especially the kids while on board.  We should know how to install the car seat.  Good thing the are there to help us.  Upon installing the car seats, they used the Latch System also, investigating the latch system to make sure it is properly installed.  You do not need to worry for they have certified child passenger technicians to help you out with the car seat checks.  We should think of the family especially the child safety first, and so car seat check is the first thing to do before hitting the road.  Also, for us to have a safe trip.

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Missed the chance but will definitely go there one day

Traveling is one of the things that I like to do.  I like going to the beach and be with nature as often as possible.  I missed the times when I used to travel four years ago.  I enjoyed doing it because aside from seeing wonderful things, I always look forward to meeting people and new friends in the places I go.  Gaining new friends is an awesome experience as well.  I have lists of places and tourist spots in the country that I want to visit one day.  And of those are the tourist spots in Mati, Davao Oriental, and Comval Province.  I have seen images of the wonderful tourist spots in this place and I must say it is a must visit spots.

I have seen images of the wonderful tourist spots in this place and I must say it is a must visit spots.  My dreams of going to these places and spots answered because a colleague of my SIL is going there.  They have rented a van to go there and invited my SIL and the kids to go with them.  I am invited by my SIL too.  In my mind, this is awesome, I get to visit the place/spots for free.  I just have to bring foods and extra money for the entrance fee.  However, thinking of my responsibilities at home makes me hesitant to go.  It would be very tiring travel and I have lots to do the following day ( Monday).  I opted not to go with them.  I am sad that I missed the chance of seeing the wonderful spots in Mati, Davao Oriental but it is still on my bucket list, and will definitely go there one day.

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Souvenir Item

To be able to travel to other country is one of my greatest dreams.  I would like to see the nice spots, meet other people and races, know their culture, get souvenirs and experience snow.  These are the things that I would like to experience.  Though it is far from happening I still do hope that one of these dreams will come true in the future.  If given the chance to travel, my first stop would be in the United States.  Why?  Because I have relatives their and friends.  I want to meet them since I only knew them online.  Aside from wanting to meet them for real, I also want to collect sacagawea coin. This would be a very nice souvenir item to collect.  I know someone who is fond of collecting coins from different countries.  It is nice and interesting collection so I wanted to have coin/s as my souvenir if ever I visited other countries.

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Dream to climb the Mt. Apo

I was invited by my high school friends once to climb the Mt. Apo.  It was a nice invite but did not able to go for some reason.  Better luck this time for me.  Mt.  Apo is considered to be one of the highest volcano in the country that is why many are interested to go and climb.  I have heard that Mt. Apo is very nice adventure.  When you reach to the top, you feel like you are on top of the world.  Hearing these things makes me so eager to try for once climbing the Mt. Apo.  I am planning to go when a friend of mine invited me again.  While waiting for that time I have to get myself ready by buying the things that I need to bring to complete my adventure.  First to consider is buying the backpacks where I can put all the paraphernalia when I travel.   I have to have a very nice hiking bag that is easy to carry, very light and comfy.  And when I think of that I mentioned above there is only one product that I can think about.  It is the columbia backpacks.  The style, the color, the looks and the size makes this bag so perfect for my adventure.  My dream to climb the Mt.Apo would be awesome for sure.

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