Made the people scared

Few days ago, a bomb exploded in Davao City, during the night market at Roxas Avenue.  It was one scary night for the people who is at the area enjoying the services, foods, affordable RTW goods, and the likes.  The supposed to be a fun and relaxing night for the people of Davao turns into a nightmare.  There are 14 died and 70 wounded.  Some are still battling  for their lives till now at the hospital.  The family of the victims are in tears and their hearts are turned into pieces.  I really do not understand why some people are doing this to hurt other people.  I wonder what satisfaction can they get from doing this kind of crime.

The bombing incident last Friday makes the people of Davao scared.  Plus there are lots of bomb threat in schools, public markets, malls, parks, and churches.  People are avoiding the crowded area to be safe, and advice to stay at home for the mean time for their safety.  The investigation of the bombing incident is on going, hopefully the police will get to the bottom of this and arrested the responsible person/s doing the crime to give justice to all the victims.  I am praying this act of terrorism will stop to achieve peace for us to live in peaceful and harmonious life.   Instead of doing harm to others, I pray that God will touch the hearts of those heartless person so that LOVE and CARE for each other will prevail. Amen!

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