Two malls were bombed

Bombing incidents are not new to us.  It is like becoming a habit to someone who loves to do harm to other people.  I do not really get what’s their point is.  It’s just so sad seeing those unfortunate victims.  Their lives are being snatched by inhuman doings.  Years back, I was once experienced bombing incident.  It was one of the scariest experiences I had in my life.  It was a nightmare so to speak.  So, when I heard bombing incidents it reminds me of my experienced and it scares me.  I was really a bad experienced that I want to forget.

Few nights ago, two big malls in the city were shaken my bomb.  It makes the people and the shoppers really scared.  Fortunately there were no lives taken.  Thanks God.  Some said that it was like a warning to the city Mayor that they can do harm in the city too.  These incidents affect the business and the city because people are afraid to go out anymore.  They prefer to stay at home to be safe.  When we went to the mall few days ago, there are sketch of the suspected bombers.  It really scares me.  I do hope that they be caught sooner.  So the people are no longer scared to go out.

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