The Controversial Victory of Manny Pacquiao

The much awaited Marquez-Pacman 111 fight happens yesterday.  When the fight starts many is concentrating on the fight. Both fighters give their best to show to the world who is the best fighter.  Whoever wins, will be declared the best fight and the real champion.  Because of that tagline, many are expecting a good fight between Marquez and Pacquiao.  Every time Pacquiao throws a punch, Filipino people are expecting a knockout. However, no knockout happens.  Marquez is very much prepared for the fight as well as Pacquiao.

Watching from round 1 to 12, some are not satisfied and dismayed with how the fight went.  They think that Pacquiao lost the fight because it was Marques who always throws a heavy punch to the face of Pacquiao.  I am watching the game and shocked with the way Pacquiao fight.  However, in fairness to Pacquiao he did his best.  I also thought that Pacquiao lost the game.  The power left punch by Pacquiao was not able to release and that makes the Pacquiao fans is not satisfied.   When the announcer utters the score and proclaimed Pacquiao wins the game, many are shouting because they did not think that Pacquiao lost the game.  To others it was a controversial proclamation especially to the Marquez fans because Marquez hits Pacquiao face many times.  But to Pacquiao fans it was a clear victory from the champion Manny Pacquiao.  He did again make the whole Filipino people proud of him.  He is indeed the best fighter of the world.

 I seen in the news about the controversial victory of Manny Pacquiao, and the news it explains the decision of the judges because of the tally that have been shown in the news.  And that ends the controversial wins of the peoples champ Manny Pacquiao.

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