It’s Brigada Time

After two months of vacation, the sister is now back to school for Brigada. Brigada is about cleaning the schools and the classrooms to all public schools. The parents required to come to help the teachers in cleaning the schools and the classrooms where kids enrolled. It will take five days of cleaning. Not all parents can take part in this event especially those working parents.   Just like my brother and his wife. They are both working, so they can’t participate in the Brigada. All parents are required except those working parents. But still they have to give something in exchange for not participating in the Brigada.

The school where my nieces are nephew enrolled posted an item that their parents can give since they did not able to take part in the Brigada. Only the important items listed like floor wax, paint, broom, dust pan, and other items needed for school. My brother will give paint to the teachers of his kids so the classroom will have new paint before the start of classes. Brigada is a good way so they won’t hire someone to do the cleaning. Instead of paying someone to do the cleaning, why not have the parents do it as volunteers. Those who are free and willing to help.

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