He is not running

The country will have national election next year.  Some politicians are stating their interest in running for government positions already and indirectly started campaigning through television commercials.   Two of the know politicians already said their interest for the position of the President of the country.  But the people are screaming for only one name to run for president.  He is the Davao City Mayor Rudy Duterte.  Many believes that he can do well for the country and will served the country and the people well.  He became famous because of what he did to the city of Davao.  He made Davao City one of the safest and livable city in the world.

He has been asked many times if he will run for the position of president but he is not answering the question seriously that is why people are still hoping that he will run for president.  However, just yesterday he said in the press conference that he is not interested to run and no ambition to run for president.  He will retire when his terms as the city Mayor ends.  Many were sad, including me, but we will have to accept his decision.  Maybe he is not yet the right person that is God sent for the country and for the people.   But I am praying that he will change his mind, many things will happen before May 2016.

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I hope he will run for president

To me and to the people lives in Davao, he is the best Mayor the city has ever had.  He made the city peaceful, safe and developed city.  He also make the city one of the safest city to live in the world.  I must say that the city improves a lot under his hands.  He always make sure that the people lives in the city happy.  They called him the punisher, the man with the iron hands and many others.  This is how he known for, not only in the city but in the country.  I can really say that my vote wasn’t wasted because I voted the best mayor for our city.

Anyways, now that election 2016 is approaching, many are pushing him to run as president of the country.  They believe that he can do more and believes that he will served the country very well.  Though he is always denying it that he will not run for the position of president this coming election, people are still hoping, praying, and wishing that he will run.  If he will, I for sure will give my vote for him and I will pray that he will win because I really believes that he can make the country the better place to live and will make the people of this country smile.

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