Summary killings everywhere

After the inauguration of the newly elected president of the country, there are several cases of summary killings in the country.  The dead body of the person has a note saying ” I am an addict/drug pusher don’t be like me“.  The killings are everywhere and makes the people scary.  What is more scary is that those incidents are blaming to the president.  This is because of his message when still running for the position of the president that if he will win, he will show no mercy to those people related to drugs.  If he has to kill them he will because those people are destroying the lives of the innocent individual.

I live in the city where the newly president lives and a mayor of the city for two decades.  I know that he is a good leader.  He makes sure that the people he serves lives in paradise.  He will give his 100% service for the welfare of the people.  And he will for sure can do that to the whole nation, to his country Philippines.  What lies behind this summary killing is unknown, let us not connect it to the president.  However, if this killings are under his command, well then, this is the start of cleaning the mess.  Also, this serves as a message to everybody that the president is not joking when he says, he will clean the country, free from drugs, will  go after the drug pushers, users, protectors, drug lords and the likes.  Prepare for the changes and for the better Philippines people.

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