Tons of Emails

I was not able to come online for a day because of some issues in my internet connection and now I have tons of emails.  Mostly are from people I do not even know.  Spam emails as they say.  I have several emails that tells I won million dollars from the lottery.  It would be an awesome letter to read if it is true but sad to say it is a spam.  How can it be true if I did not even bet in a lottery.  If I know any way to block those spam emails I would.  Problem is I am not genius when it comes to computer thingy.  I only know basic which is to delete those unwanted and spam emails.

I will for sure find a way to block those emails that caused the overloading of my inbox.  I am sick and tired of deleting those emails everyday, and I wanted to get rid of them for once.  It would be a big relief if I can get rid of them finally.  It made me crazy deleting the same emails over and over again.  Does anyone knows how to block unwanted and spam emails?  I would be glad if you can share to me how to do it.  Thanks very much!

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