Calling me Miss Friendship

Few days ago my friend and I are chatting while updating our blog site.  We have been friends for a decade now and still counting. Our friendship has ups and downs but we are able to manage that made our friendship lasted this long and still counting.  We both are blogging for more than a year now.  She stops for a while because she is very busy on her offline job.  We have met different bloggers from other country and became our friends.  I love making friends and be a friend to others because friends will always be there if we needed help.

I have joined groups of bloggers, making friends on Facebook, blog dropping and commenting.  Because these ways I have gained more friends online.  I am happy about it because these blogger friends that I have met online gives me tips on how to stay longer in blogging.  Also they give me domains, free blog theme and many others.  It is really good to have friends here because we get things that are for free.  I am glad that I meet blogger friends with a kind of heart.  This is the reason my friend Ada call me Miss Friendship.   Thanks very much Ada, to me you are Miss Friendship too.

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My Online Friends

After almost two years of blogging, I am so happy that I have gained friends online.  They are my friends whom I only talk online.  Though we haven’t seen each other yet, they have become a part of my life especially when it comes to blogging things.  They have helped me in my blogging career and giving me inspiring words to continue writing even if things are not going in my way.  I tell you it’s not easy for a beginner like me, but with the help of my kid heart friends online I am able to go on and will continue moving on.

I never thought I could meet friends from other side of the world, thanks to this technology.  Through blogging I have found a good set of friends.  I love to spend time chatting to them because they made me smile always.  Though I can’t see them with my two eyes, I know and I can feel it that their friendship is for real.  One thing that I always pray is for us to see each other and hang out together one day.  Though it is not possible because you are there and I am here, still I am hoping that one day God will let us see each other to see and be silly facing each other.  You know who you are, thanks for the friendship girls.:-)

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