Member of school rondalya

When she was a child, her favorite toy to play is the guitar.  She loves to touch the strings of her toy guitar.  Her loves for guitar develops until she reach the age of seven.  I can sense that the cousin’s daughter has the passions of playing musical instrument like guitar.  She then decided to register her daughter to be part of the school rondalya.  The kid will surely develops her passions for playing guitar for this time she will be strumming real guitar.  Since her daughter does not have a guitar yet, the school rodalya head allows her to use school’s guitar for the mean time while her mother is looking for a guitar.  The cousin been into different stores that sells musical instrument but haven’t found the one she likes.  I guess this is the time to tell the cousin about daisyrock wildwood deluxe guitar center to help her decide of the nice guitar to buy for her daughter to used.  The cousin will definitely find the guitar for her daughter because there are various of guitars to choose from.  Good luck to my cousin, hope she find the guitar that fits to her daughter.

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For me to learn how to play guitar

My father loves to play guitar back when I was younger.  His passion to play guitar passes to my brothers.  They sometimes do their father and son bonding by playing guitar.  It is so nice to see them playing guitar and singing.  This is where my interest in playing guitar started.  To me knowing how to play guitar is good idea.  It can ease the burden in me.  Every time I get lonely at home, I can play guitar and entertain myself.  Good idea right?  Since we do have guitar already, all I need is a book where chords written for me to practice playing guitar at home.  I am thinking of buying Mel Bay Guitar Method be my guide in learning how to play guitar.  Once I have the book I need I can start learning right away.  I am so excited so that when the father and brothers have their music sessions, I can join with them.

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Watching a concert for the first time

Three years ago, my sister and I had a misunderstanding.  We haven’t talk to each other for two weeks.  I can see the worried and sad face of my father.  I guess the sister and I have the same personality because neither of us approach each other to say sorry.  I admit I am high pride that is why I did not bother to make the first move.  For me, it was my sister’s fault.  That was the first time that we haven’t talk to each other since we became a bit matured.  We used to be best of friends that is why my father is so sad seeing us not in good terms.  Fortunately my father’s loves for us  made him decided to make the move for my sister and I to be friends again.

The sister and I watched a concert here in the city.  It was John Ford Coley’s mini concert in one of the clubs here in the city.  It was one amazing night for the both of us.  We love to hear acoustic band, and music that is played on guitar.  Because we both love the singer, we forgot the bad things that happens to us.  All things back to normal.  Before John Ford Coley appears on the stage, there is a local band that played wonderful music playing the Big Fish Audio Guitars.  All I can say that time is ‘wow’ because of the awesome sounds that I heard when the guitarist touches the string of the guitar.  Added to the wonderful voice of the vocalist is the soothing sounds from the guitar.  It was my first time to watch a concert and it is a wonderful experienced ever.

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Serenading good music

Way back in my high school life, my friends and I always hanged out at the house of our friends.  We will just stay there talking, doing assignments if there is and making projects.  During our break time, a friend will get her guitar and started playing it.  She also have song hits so that we can sing the song she is playing.  The friend’s PRS Guitars gives a wonderful sound.  I have tried to touch the string and I so love it because the sound it brings is beautiful.  This is the reason I so much love listening the sound of the guitar because it serenade me with good music.  Soothing to my ears and very relaxing for me.


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