119th Independence Day in the Philippines

Independence day is one of the significant events in the Philippine history.   Because it marks our independence from Spanish rule.  This Independence Day celebrates by the Filipino people annually on June 12.  This is the day wherein many people participates in different activities in the country.  There are programs and activities in the city hall, parks, streets and the likes.  The highligths of this celebration is the police and military parade in Manila and the 21-gun salute.  Of course this celebration is headed by the country’s president.  This significant day of the country is observed by the filipino communities.  For this day is the day where we can say we are finally free.

Yesterday was the 119th years of Philippine Independence.  This is one sad celebration I must say because of the crisis that the country is facing now.  Some area in the country particularly in Mindanao is still on war.  Many lives has been sacrifice just to achieve peace against the Maute group (terrorist).  Today, the country is giving tribute to those 58 brave men who fought and lost their lives for the country.  It is really sad knowing that we are all brothers and sisters and living in one country but fighting.  I pray that this will be over soon so that we can live in peace and harmony.  I so wish that love and forgiveness will prevail and that God will heal all the wounds in our hearts and healour country for us to have a better place to live.

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Philippines Independence Day

Today, the country is celebrating another year of Independence Day.  This is the day that marks a very significant event in the Philippine history.  The celebration includes a street parade where all are invited because this is day where people of the Philippines achieve the freedom that we are dreaming of.  This is a national holiday so everybody is encourage participating in the parade and also can spend the day with the family.  And some are wearing yellow shirts as a symbol of peace and freedom.

The family will be going to the city to watch the parade and other happenings.  The last time we participated was when my mother is still alive.  She always brings us to the city to watch the Independence Day celebration.  Today, I remember my mother back then.  The kids will complete the missing piece.  We are all set and ready to go, we are all excited as well as the kids.  A great bonding with the family I must say.  We bring foods for lunch and snack because we’re going to spend the rest of the day at the park.  The place where kids love to run, enjoy and strolling around.  Happy Independence Day Everyone!

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