The birth of the new identity

Xander Ford is the name that is hot news in the country lately.  I have read so many comments, good and bad about him.  I am wondering if he is a celebrity because his name is not familiar to me.  Even my nieces are talking about him, his latest transformation.  I am so curious about him so I google it online.  His real name is Marlou Arizala.  He grew up being bullied by many.  Its affected his confidence and his life.  When the opportunity knocks on him to have surgery for free, he grabbed the chance.  To him, the surgery is the only way for him to look good so that people will look at him differently and treat him good.

The surgery is successful and the new identity of Marlou has been made.  He is now the famous Xander Ford.  He has a major transformation, and I must say he looks far beyond his look before.  People, especially girls are talking about him.  Some are happy with his transformation and congratulate him but the bashers and bad comments are still there.  He is like an instant celebrity in the country.  He is the most talked person in the country lately.  He has more confidence now and faces people with the happy face.  I do hope with all the transformation, people will treat him good and accepts his decision.  The bad thing about his transformation is that he said that Marlou is dead.  Too bad, but it is his life.  Hopefully, he will not regret it all.

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