Change is Coming

Change is coming! This is what I read Sunday morning after checking my Facebook account.  Also seeing the notifications from my friends saying that the our Mayor is declaring his candidacy for President.  Indeed a very good news to the people of this country.  We are happy because our prayers were answered.  Mayor Duterte finally made up his decision.  I watched the news since yesterday and today about this good news.  I want to be updated of the Mayor’s candidacy.  May 2016 election would be an exciting event because people are excited for the big changes to come.  I cannot wait for the May 2016 Election.haha!

Mayor Duterte would be the biggest threat to all the presidential candidates this election.  He is well-known and many are happy for his decision to finally running for the position of the President of this country.  Am I ready for the changes?  Yes, I am and I hope the people of the country are ready too.  He has been the Mayor of our city for years and I can say that he can do so much for this country.  If we want changes, he is the best choice.  Of course with the help of everybody.  It’s time to have an iron-fist leader for this country.  God bless Mayor Duterte and God bless this country and the people.  AMEN!

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Certificate of Candidacy

May 2016 is the next National Election in the country.  And this week is the schedule of filing the Certificate of Candidacy.  Many went to the COMELEC (Commission on Election) to file the Certificate of Candidacy for the position of the President.  I am really sad because some are just nuisance that makes the election a joke.  Thought they have stated their platforms why they are running for the position of the president, I do not think it is enough to run for the said position.  I am not judging them, I just want them to think it million times because leading the country is a serious matter.

Well, I am a bit sad because the person I thought would be the perfect leader for the country said he is not running for president.  Many are sad and disappointed after hearing his statement about not running.  Though it is very difficult to accept, I guess I just have to accept that he has no ambition of leading the country.  The last filing of candidacy will be on Friday, I pray that he will change his mind because I believe he can do more for the good of the country and the people.  And I strongly believe that he is the hope of the country.  Please run before retiring in serving the country and the people

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