Loving their company

When my nephew is transferring to new school, I felt a bit sad because I am going to miss those friends I meet.  I won’t be able to see them and will surely miss their company.  The friends I meet in the old school my nephew attended are nice, funny and lovely.  I can say that we have something in common, which is to laugh/smile.  No dull moments when I with them.  We interesting topics that I treasured a lot.  Our group is a mixture of single parent, happily married mom, young mom and single (that’s me).  So you can picture out those topics that we have discussed and I have learned a lot from them.

In the new school where my nephew attended now, I meet new sets of friends.  It took us four months to finally become closer.  Three are older than me and two younger than me.  The six of us has different stories to share that makes our group interesting.  All we all love to laugh.  I am glad I meet them because they inspire me especially the oldest (60 Years old) in our group.  I learned many things from them.  They teased me sometimes because I am the one who is not yet married.  I just laugh at them because I am used to it.  Even though they teased me, still I am glad I meet them.  I really enjoyed their company.  Thank you God for the new sets of friends.

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