Vaccination Orientation

The school where my nephew is studying was conducting a vaccination orientation to all the parents.  This is to help the parents how important it is to their child for protection and prevention.  The parents were asked to bring the baby book of their child to see the vaccination the kid has when they are still babies.  The orientation is indeed very helpful because lots of information has been given and discussed.  The orientation lasted for almost five hours.  Five long hours but it is worth it because the parents are educated on the importance of vaccination to their kids.  As they say, Health is Wealth, so it is very important to take good care of our health always.

The school will give three (3) more vaccination for the kids.  It is for free so everybody must grab this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Though they can have these vaccinations anytime at the pediatrician/doctors, they must pay for it and it is a bit expensive.  The said free vaccination is to be announced once the schedule is fixed.  We will give first the baby book of my nephew so they can see my nephew’s vaccination records.  I am really glad the school offers this kind of opportunity.

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