No more rematch

The country and the boxing fanatics are sad and disappointed when Manny Pacquiao defeated by Floyd Mayweather.  Disappointed because we really thought Manny wins but the judge’s decision was opposite.  Many are booing when the referee raise the arm of Mayweather declaring a winner.  Wether we like it or not, the judge’s decision is final.  That is life, luck is not always on our side.  The most important thing is that Manny Pacquiao gave a good fight and prove to the world that he is the real pound for pound king.  I admit I did not like the result but have to accept it.

Few hours after the disappointing decision, speculation and rumors are spreading that there will be a rematch between Pacquiao and Mayweather.  Though it is not confirmed yet, the people are not excited anymore, including.  If Mayweather will still fight the way he did on the night of the Fight of the Century, I’d rather do something else than spending my time watching.  Anyways, the speculations and rumors answered when Mayweather said on the press conference that there is no more rematch and soon he will retire.  Good decision I must say, because he wants to stay undefeated.  I am really glad of his announcement because he is not worth it to watch.  Don’t you agree? *wink

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