OA (Over Acting)

I am so curious about this AMALAYER thing.  I have heard people saying it online, friends, cousins and on television.  It makes me think what does this word mean.  I wanted to ask the cousin about this but did not bother to do it, instead I search online about this word because this word is trending.  I am browsing and searching on the internet about this word and it leads me to a video.   Watching the video made me understand why this word becomes so famous lately.  Honestly, the video made me smiled and irritated.  Smiled because of the woman on the video.  She is trying hard to speak English that makes her so funny to look at.  Irritated because of the way she reacted.  Maybe she thinks that she is better than the lady guard.

What she did is very much humiliating on her, her parents and the school she is enrolled.  It shows like she has no breeding and it does affects her character.  The worse it that many people did watched the video.  I know sometimes, we are carried by our emotions especially when we are angry on something, however, let’s be reminded that the reason our brain is above our heart is because we have to think first before doing certain actions.  I hope that the woman on the video learned her lesson.  Also, the people who watched the video, let’s be calm and be considerate.

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Baby Snatching

I like to watch documentary shows on television because it keeps me aware of the scary and alarming  issues in the world today.  I do not mind if I stay up late because it is worth it.  I have seen several times of interesting issues that has featured in the documentary shows.  I must say that I got a lot of information from watching the shows.  I remember back then, I do not like to watch this kind of shows but after seeing it for the first time I got interested to watch it with my sister.  Oh well, it is my sister who influenced me to watch this kinds of shows on television.  And I thank my sister for doing so because watching the shows makes my eyes and mind wide awake of the issues and problems that people and the country is facing.

One alarming issue today is the baby snatching.  Scary right?  I thought only bags, wallet, jewelries, cellphone and other gadgets are the things that snatchers are into.  But I guess they level up because there are bad people who snatched kids when the parents or guardians are not paying attention.  Also level up for them to earn much money.  I have heard many cases of baby snatching issues and it makes me sad.  They said that, when a baby/kids are left unattended, it are considered sold.  Scary right?

How can a person do that to the innocent and helpless human being?  It is so heartbreaking to the mothers of the stolen babies.  This issue is so alarming and scary, let us be alert and always focus our minds and attentions to our little ones.  Also, never trust someone who just came cross and act as a friend.

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The promising SONA

To be honest, I don’t really care of what is happening in the country before in terms of political issues.  For me, I do not have any business with them and thinking about issues of the country breaks my heart.  I mean, I see street children’s, beggars on the street, handicapped person begging for money, abandoned child and family, and many more.  I am not blaming the government for this but really. I just thought the government especially those who are in the positions can do something about these.  As they have mentioning while they are running for a specific positions in the government to help unfortunate ones, more jobs for unemployed, solve the issues about street children and beggars.  But sad to say, they all forgot the moment they are in the positions.  I am not saying they all are but majority are.  Sad truth about life.

Anyways, yesterday was the State of the Nations Address by the country’s President.  For the first time I am giving some time to listen to what he has accomplished, will do and plans for the country.  It is so promising I can say and hopefully will fall into places.  People are tired of promises.  They have lost patience about the said changes.  There are poor who becomes poorer and rich becomes richer.  The people are still waiting for the promises.  I do hope that the leader of the country and leaders of respective cities and places of the country will double time to do what they promised to at least ease the sad and frowning faces of the people who are waiting for the promise to fulfilled.  May this country be blessed by God as well as the people.

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Oil price roll back: Good or Bad?

Oil price hike is pain in the pocket of the people because there is possibility of increasing the fare in public vehicle, basic commodities and many others.  When there is price hike, it expected to have a strike and rallies in the street of people who wants to roll it back.  It is a big burden to people especially those who belongs in the below average status in the society.  A sad truth but this has been part of life’s survival.  So far, people are surviving but many are in frown and sad face.  The good thing about it is that they are kept on moving and continue living even if life is so hard.

Just recently, there is an oil price roll back.  Many are happy and smiling however, this happiness is just temporary because after few days, expect an oil price hike.  And sad thing about it is the increase is double the previous decreased.  So when there is oil price roll back, the minds of the people puzzled because when the oil price hike, it doubles the increase.  That is why when there is oil price roll back, many will tell is it good or bad.  Oh well, it is good for few days but after that when it increases, it becomes bad.  I do wish that the government will find a way to solve this issue because this oil price hike and roll back really affects small people who lives in a surviving way of living.

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