The Papal Visit: Gives Hope to the People

The people’s pope, Pope Francis is visiting the country this week. The country is so blessed to be visit by the Pope. The people are waiting for the coming of Pope Francis. A huge preparation is being made like the Pope Mobile, the place where the Pope stays, the places in the country he will going to visit, the parade so the people will see him up-close and the likes. Everybody is so excited for his visit. I do wish to see the Pope in person; unfortunately my province is not included in the Pope’s list of areas to visit. At least I am able to see his visit in the live coverage.

The papal visit gives more hopes to the people. There are lots of Filipino people hoping that their prayers will be heard and answered. The pope reaching out for the poor and the needy, these are few of the Pope’s characteristics that is why he loved by people. I have seen and heard in the news the Pope’s good doing and I am so glad that he finds time to visit the country. His coming is a big help and inspiration to the poor and the Filipino people. He will give more strength especially to those who are victims of the natural calamities. Thank you Pope Francis for visiting the country, I pray for your safe travel back to Rome.   God bless always!

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