I hope he will run for president

To me and to the people lives in Davao, he is the best Mayor the city has ever had.  He made the city peaceful, safe and developed city.  He also make the city one of the safest city to live in the world.  I must say that the city improves a lot under his hands.  He always make sure that the people lives in the city happy.  They called him the punisher, the man with the iron hands and many others.  This is how he known for, not only in the city but in the country.  I can really say that my vote wasn’t wasted because I voted the best mayor for our city.

Anyways, now that election 2016 is approaching, many are pushing him to run as president of the country.  They believe that he can do more and believes that he will served the country very well.  Though he is always denying it that he will not run for the position of president this coming election, people are still hoping, praying, and wishing that he will run.  If he will, I for sure will give my vote for him and I will pray that he will win because I really believes that he can make the country the better place to live and will make the people of this country smile.

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The promising SONA

To be honest, I don’t really care of what is happening in the country before in terms of political issues.  For me, I do not have any business with them and thinking about issues of the country breaks my heart.  I mean, I see street children’s, beggars on the street, handicapped person begging for money, abandoned child and family, and many more.  I am not blaming the government for this but really. I just thought the government especially those who are in the positions can do something about these.  As they have mentioning while they are running for a specific positions in the government to help unfortunate ones, more jobs for unemployed, solve the issues about street children and beggars.  But sad to say, they all forgot the moment they are in the positions.  I am not saying they all are but majority are.  Sad truth about life.

Anyways, yesterday was the State of the Nations Address by the country’s President.  For the first time I am giving some time to listen to what he has accomplished, will do and plans for the country.  It is so promising I can say and hopefully will fall into places.  People are tired of promises.  They have lost patience about the said changes.  There are poor who becomes poorer and rich becomes richer.  The people are still waiting for the promises.  I do hope that the leader of the country and leaders of respective cities and places of the country will double time to do what they promised to at least ease the sad and frowning faces of the people who are waiting for the promise to fulfilled.  May this country be blessed by God as well as the people.

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