What’s the reason behind

The other day, the so-called typhoon victims made a rally in front of the government agency in the city.  They are asking for the relief goods that were put on hold by the agency.  They are asking for it because they are hungry for they do not have any foods eat.  It breaks my heart seeing my fellow countrymen force to do such things just to make them heard.  Many have injured and hurt because they forcefully entered the agency to get foods.  They are claiming that the relief goods belong to them and should be given to them.  However, the agency still put it on hold.

Many are asking question of what is the reason behind holding back the relief goods.   Lots of speculation arises regarding this matter.  One of these is the up-coming election, said that some politicians will take advantage of this.  Well, it is not proven yet and I do hope it is not.  Whatever the reason is, I hope that the agency and the government will do their best to solve this issue because many are starved especially those flood and typhoon victims.  It’s been in the news about the victims gone wild because they are starved, been hurt by men in uniform who are also doing their duties.  I do hope that no one is injured seriously and they will have peace talks regarding the issue.  Let us help our unfortunate fellowmen, and give what is due to them.

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