First Senator to Resign

The moment they are elected to their respective positions in the government, many are doubtful of the result.  Many have said that they are cheated and that some ballot boxes have stolen and replacing it with a new one with new set of election result.  Some are still protesting up to now because they do believe that they have been cheated.  Several issues coming in and out of the senate until one day a heroic act of a person tells it all.  After four years of being in silent, he finally tells that really happens on that night where ballot boxes were replaced.

Because of the issue, a senator resigned from his position for the reason that his family is very much affected.  He is the first ever senator in the country who resigned from his position and many speculations that he did not really win and because he cheated he won.  Seeing his family in pain made him decide to resigned and tell that he never cheated and God knows.  And yes, only God knows the real truth.   His resignation has made different impressions to people.  One, is that he is innocent and do not want her family to be involved.  And two, is that his resignation implies that he is really guilty.

I am not being bias here but I think if he is innocent he should stay to his position and fight for his right.  Leaving is like telling he is guilty.  What do you think people?

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